Agata Kurzyk

is a cellist and composer, actively performing in the country and abroad. Her plays proves that she can connect classical beauty of the cello with electronics, like one instrument to bring the sound and the dynamics of the whole orchestra. By using theme looping techniques with a looper, a layer of sound grows polyphonically. Overlapping rhythms and chords move the listener into another dimension of sound.

Champion of Eastern Europe (Budapest, 2012), she reached the final of the BOSS Loop Station World Championship 3 (Anaheim, Los Angeles, USA, 2013). An art scholar of the City of Warsaw – creator of project Cello Among City Centre Streets (2013), special guest at the Stoff Fringe Festival (Stockholm, 2013) and a winner of the award for the best artist of the Stoff Sopot Fringe Festival (2012). In 2012, she started cooperation with Roland Polska and became an ambassador of Boss Loop Station. Currently, a postgraduate student of compostition at the Fryderyk Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw.

Loves playing concerts in unusual places and outdoors (project StreetDust). She played among others The Royal Łazienki in Warsaw, Cloth Hall (polish: Sukiennice) in Cracow, the Sopot beach or on the roof Kulturhustaket in Stockholm.

In 2020, she was awarded Jantar 2020 for Music to the feature film “Fisheye”, dir. Michał Szcześniak and in 2018 the Best Music Award for the TV show “Carried away” dir. by Michał Szcześniak during the Teatroteka Fest Festival 2018.

She collaborates with Polish painters, filmmakers and young musicians from the border of electronic music and hip-hop.

Agata Kurzyk  is also a scientist. She is often drawing inspiration from science, for example composing pieces based on cell division. She is a biotechnology graduate of the Technical University of Lodz. She also worked at the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics Polish Academy of Sciences as a molecular biologist. Presently, she works as research assistant in the Department of Cancer Biology at the Maria Sklodowska-Curie National Research Institute of Oncology and also in Department of Biomaterials at Lukasiewicz -Research Network, Institute of Ceramics and Buliding Materials in Warsaw.

She is a member of the research team involved in the use of mesenchymal stem cells in regenerative medicine. She worked on project such as for example: Bioimplant, whose purpose was to study and prepare to do implementation of innovative tissue engineering products scaffolds, supporting the recovery and reconstruction of extensive bone tissue defects that arise as a result of tumor removal; transplantation of autologous fat – along with isolated stem cells from adipose tissue, in order to reconstruct the breast of a breast cancer patient after mastectomy; angiogenesis, 3D culture.

In 2019, Agata Kurzyk defended her doctoral thesis on the use of mesenchymal stem cell isolated from adipose tissue for the construction of polymer-cellular scaffolds for the regeneration of bone defects. 

Laureate of the TopMinds training and mentoring program (2018). Winner of the design competition TopMinds 2018 in the category PRODUCT (Read Me – designing an application for exchanging books between users – traditional, audiobooks and written with Braille) (2018). Obtaining protection of the trademark of Read Me, Bury & Bury Kancelarii Patentowej Sp. z o.o. Warsaw – special prize for Read Me (2018). Member of The Spokesmen of Science (2017). A participant of the World Summit on the Global Summit of Women and Female Youth Forum Global Summit of Women (2016 ) . The speaker of conferences: TEDx Warsaw University of Technology (2016 ), Lean in STEM (2016 ), Congress of Women (2016 ) and Meet Biotech – Boost Biotech (2015).